Consultation Fees

Standard Fees from 7th September, 2019

Enrolled & Funded Patients

  Standard Fee ACC
Child under 14 Free Free
14-17 yrs $51.00 $46.00
14-17 yrs with CSC $13.00 $13.00
Adult  18-64 yrs $59.00 $56.00
Adult  with CSC $19.00 $19.00
Adult over 65 yrs $55.00 $53.00
Adult over 65 yrs with CSC $19.00 $19.00

Casual / Non-Enrolled Patients

  Standard Fee ACC
Child under 14 $52.00 $24.00
14-17 yrs $72.00 $52.00
14-17 yrs with CSC $67.50 $24.50
Adult $91.00 $56.00
Adult with CSC $76.50 $30.50

Weekend appointments incur +$10 fee for every consult

CSC = Community Services Card - reduced fees apply to Community Services Card holders and their dependents

The fees listed are a guideline only. These are the fees usually charged for standard 15 minute consultations. There may be extra charges for materials used or additional services.

Please advise us if you require a longer appointment with your doctor. An additional fee applies.

Nurse Consultations

Fees for procedures carried out by nurses vary from $15 upwards, depending on the service(s) and materials provided.


Pregnancy consultations are free for the first 12 weeks. There will be your usual charge for non pregnancy consultations.

Enrolment and First Visit

Enrolment is where you choose to make us your regular doctor. We arrange for your medical notes to be transferred from your previous doctor, along with the local health authority (PHO) funding.

The first visit for enrolling adult patients involves a preliminary health assessment with a nurse prior to your doctor’s appointment, usually taking 30 minutes. The first visit fee is $91 for adult patients without a CSC and $37 for a CSC holder. Subsequent visits will be at the subsidised rate, even though it may take several months for the funding to come through.

Not everyone is eligible for enrolment. The Ministry of Health website has a guide to eligibility criteria ( The eligibility of non-New Zealand residents for publicly funded health care depends on their work visa status.

Non residents are charged a full fee of $91 for a standard doctor consultation, regardless of age.